“I’ll do my best…”

Lately I’ve heard this a lot from new submissives under my care. This is probably the phrase that irritates me most, aside from “I would do anything”, when clearly, you would not. I will forgive a new slave such ingratitude, but if you continue like this, I will not look upon it as kindly.

I am a Mistress, not a scout leader or your Mother. You should know that if you come to me with this lukewarm placation, there will be consequences. And you will not like them.

Your only response to me should be “Yes Mistress.”

In the words of Yoda. ‘Do or do not, there is no try’. I think perhaps he met a Mistress before his escapades with the Jedi. For no wiser words were ever spoken.

I’m never going to give you an A for effort. Perhaps a D, and I get to choose it, but don’t expect the same half-arsed methods that work with others will work with me.

If you are too much of a coward to adhere to the simple words I expect you to obey, you will talk to me. You will make some kind of tribute and then you will do a penalty of my choosing. Don’t worry, I have a lot of them. And perhaps, if you irk me enough, I will write something for you that will pull at the things that most revolt or frighten you. For I have a great deal of time and creativity towards things that interest me – and a malfunctioning project always manages to catch my attention quickly.

Know this: I am not a hobby to be sidelined. Once you sign up with me, it’s because my words made a connection with you, and like the roses of a thorn, these insights are barbed. Far easier to go in than to pull out. You will find, in trying to release yourself from them, that they may do more damage. Your commitment with me is solemn and binding. The only person who can release you from it is I, and I don’t want to let you go. Not yet. 

Perhaps you have a way with words. It is quite possible you could convince me, yet you will have to talk to me first. I promise you I won’t make it easy. Your poor planning should not become my problem. So consider this carefully before calling on me. You’ll find goddesses, once petitioned and agreeing to work with you, don’t take kindly to being forgotten. It wont take you too long to find out how….

Your Mistress,

Katia 🙂

3 Replies to ““I’ll do my best…””

  1. I have had the pleasure of meeting three Mistresses since I became aware of the Lifestyle that the Mistresses live in.
    I can honestly say, that I have enjoyed the experience of meeting them all and working under them, mainly due to my vast ignorance of these Mistresses and how they can transform a males perception of the life he thought was open to him…I feel that “Trying ones best” in this context, is more to do with the mental and emotional challenges than the physical ones, facing the unknown or unexpected in these fields always comes with having to try not to fail, not only to do well for your Mistress, but also yourself…As for myself, I am trying to find more about who I am…This can seem obvious to some, but is not always so for everyone and will greatly depend on where one is coming from to start with.
    With this distance training there are many obstacles to overcome just to be able to stay on the Path…I will let “Yes Mistress” be my mantra.

  2. Thank you Mistress…Is the power of been told “Good boy” ingrained from early childhood?
    I can never stop feeling appreciated or loved whenever I hear or read that

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