Japan Travelogue: Part 3

Suki knocked at my room on the second floor and I let her in. Outside it was dark and cold. It felt good to be inside, beside a pot full of hot green tea, sitting by Suki on the green Tatami mat.

“Your auntie is cute.” I said.

Suki laughed.

“Not so cute. Don’t let her age fool you. She used to be a hostess. Retired early off the profits. Nowadays it’s all plum wine making and visiting the Onsen. She does more than alright. Hard to imagine now, ne? She doesn’t like to talk about it much, but once or twice she’s told me stories you wouldn’t believe. She plays the sweet old lady well now, but just so you know, her past is how she reads people so well. Oh my god, I’m so glad you came to Japan.”

“Me too. It’s really good to see you.”

She smiles, almost bashful, then pours tea into the little cups.

“Tea? And are you going to put the futons down or what?”

“Of course. I’m sorry.” I said, poking the tatami with a finger. “The tatami just fascinates me. It reminds me of dojo mats.”

“You learned martial arts? Me too… Hey… “ Suki looked at me with that devilish expression I’d seen at the convention. Part playful, part wicked. “We should wrestle. See who wins. Mistress versus Mistress. Hee hee.”

I laughed, but she was serious. Of course she was. She could be incredibly playful in the right mood – that’s probably why I liked her so much when we met. So we knelt down facing each other, giggling as we counted:

Ichi… ni… SAN!

I made the mistake of underestimating her. Being less diminutive than her, I hesitated for a second too long and she pushed me down and pinned my neck in her elbow with surprising ferocity. Shifting positions with surprising swiftness, she then lay herself across my stomach wrapping one of my legs with hers. I wriggled, but she only responded by tightening her grasp until gasping I was forced to tap out. She released her hold slowly but paused panting a little above me – her lips just a few inches from mine. I could smell her breath – sweet and warm – intermingling with my own. Her eyes were full of fire.

“What do you call that move?” I said.

“Winning.” She grinned.

“I want a rematch.”

“Lose gracefully.”

She released my neck entirely then and helped me up, massaging my shoulders.

“You must be tired,” she purred. I leant into the gentle pressure of her cool fingers, letting her do as she would with me. After giving me a pleasant massage, she laid out two futons on the floor, along with bedding, and slipped into some black silk pyjamas.

“This is a little like a sleepover,” I said, with a surprisingly girlish giggle, “I haven’t had one of these in a while. How exciting. I almost feel like playing.”

“Yes. How exciting -” she winked, switching off the last light. “Perhaps we should play.”

Suki switched off the last light and slipped under the covers of the futon beside me. She was still for a minute, then suddenly moved in under my duvet, spooning me. I appreciated the exchange of heat between our two bodies as despite the tea, Mt. Fuji’s frigid atmosphere still managed to chill the room.

Then her hands slid round my chest and started to unbutton my shirt. I didn’t say anything, but let myself be carried by our mutual sense of play. She moved herself down, kissing my stomach, hips and thighs, before moving on to kiss my wet panties. I thrust myself at her mouth, longing for her to slide them off, which she gently did, but not before she teased me incredibly – placing her lips against the wet fabric hard, then soft, then almost not there at all, then back and pressing together. I moaned.

Not since my Mistress had I been pleasured like this by another woman. My submissives pleasure me often, but nothing like this. And it takes another woman to truly know how to pleasure another. I’ve had to teach too many men who view the clitorus as something to anchor their teeth to, as if it might get away, that the tongue is a versatile organ and can be engaged in more ways than are immediately obvious. Suki knew all of these and more, without me even having to tell her. Perhaps it was the intensity of the transitional time of year (the Fall had been the time I’d met Valleri), or perhaps it was just Sukii’s skills, but the energy between us was positively electric.

When she added two fingers to my slickness, I lost all restraint, anchoring her head between my thighs and shaking. For all my discipline I wasn’t able to last long under her nimble fingers and the strength of my own need. I allowed myself to cum with a gasp against her lips. She continued to lap at me, breathing heavily, but when I went to return the favor, she waved me away giggling, as she wiped her lips.


“I want a rematch. Both things. You’ll let me next time.”

“Yes yes…”

“You’re just worried I’ll be better than you…”

Suki turned around and stuck her tongue out at me, super kawaii style, illuminated by the moonlight coming in through the window. The same tongue that had done those wonderful, terrible things to me earlier. We both laughed. She had such a nice giggle. I looked forward to meeting her when I was back in Tokyo in just over a week. There was a Shibari workshop she’d offered to take me too… and I had to make good on that agreement too.

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