The Making of a Mistress: 2. The High Priestess

Card number two of the major arcana is the High Priestess. It deals with mysteries and intuition, gateways of initiation that we all must face at one point or another. The High Priestess is as cryptic as her appearance suggests. She does not guide the way, she only stands by it – illuminating the path that we may or may not take.

Some weeks had passed since the Ball. The woman I had met there, who had seized my body and my mind with such alarming precision, no more than a pleasant yet unsettling memory. An ache somewhere in my chest perhaps.

I exorcised these feelings to sketches in my journal: drawing her in a myriad of forms from memory. I focused on the fullness of her lips, her strange – almost predatory – eyes and the cascade of her hair.

My boyfriend Calvin remarked on my sketches when he caught me at them one evening, saying they were some of the best I’d ever done. I felt – strangely – a deep sense of guilt…

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