A Man Cannot Serve Two Masters…

But a man can, on the other hand, serve two or more Mistresses. Meg and I can agree on that.

From time to time I get a question from one of my followers inquiring whether Mistress Meg and I are rivals – or one and the same.

The answer is neither.

For your information, Mistress Meg and I are two real women that share a rather intimate friendship. We don’t meet that often, but when we do, you’re in our thoughts. Mainly because we’re laughing at you and those funny little humiliating pictures you send us on our command from time to time (and you wonder why your ears have been burning lately – now you know).

The last time Paulo, the poet, was over at the same time as Meg, he didn’t know what to do with himself. So we made him sit between us while we talked and mostly ignored him, though sometimes one of our arms would brush against his thigh and the poor thing couldn’t even hold a glass of water straight. A peripheral glance betrayed a sheen of sweat beading on his forehead (and the wet spots on his pants), and when we got talking about varieties of cold lube he could barely contain himself. No, Paulo, you can’t go home just yet – stay a while. Have something to eat with us. Oh it was fun to torture him.

I pride myself on being well-read, but all the books in the world cannot outdo these sorts of creative frissons between Mistresses. I revel in our conversations. After all, you can read all the books you want on this sort of thing, but “how to guides” are for the pusillanimous. To understand things, you need to take them apart, piece by piece. And we are always excited to find new ways to do that. Meg is actually so good at it she scares me, but then again – I suppose Mistresses in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…

Perhaps you might think that in belonging to both of us, you might – like a naughty child – see if you might play one of us against the other?

Don’t even try. If you are bold enough to serve us both at once and keep our demands balanced, then our mutual pleasure with your pathetic offerings is pretty much assured.  If you displease one of us and the other hears about it though, you will incur twice the wrath. We won’t tell you when. You will be looking over your shoulder until it comes. And it will come. Unlike you 🙂

One thing I will say though. We are quite different creatures, for all of our similarities. Our programs vary a great deal. Meg is more overt in her methods, though her mind is delightfully more twisted than mine. Though I am always fair, I also have a tendency to the playful and capricious. I believe the latter is why Fiona seems to regard me with affectionate caution. But there’s really no need. With her, I’m usually on my best behavior, although I did “borrow” a pair of her panties last time from her bedroom for giggles after she chased me off from Max. What? I was only talking… I hadn’t even pulled out the rope… yet.

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