New Year, New Torments…

How many of you have broken your resolutions already? Or as Morgana, the spirited little daughter of one of my submissives calls them – “revolutions”. I didn’t make any. What’s to improve, really? But I did write some for Paulo, Marcus and some other of my regulars. I’ll share some of them with you at some point. Some were for their benefit, and others were simply to amuse me. Marcus almost doesn’t want to speak to me after the Christmas present I hand delivered to his house (the cast of Paulo’s cock). Talk about ungrateful! Still, with the tools I’ve acquired over Christmas, I now have new ways of making him talk. Namely, next Thursday, when I see him again.

I spent a lot of time over the holidays working with my tarot cards – drawing inspiration from the archetypal images of the hero’s journey of the Major Arcana, which when you come to think about it is perhaps not unlike your own journey. You come to me a fool (I don’t judge you for it too much) and leave on the precipice of a new world. I’m almost excited for you, but then I remember the tasks ahead… hoho.

One of my followers the other day asked why I worked with the tarot. Obviously those of you who’ve read my tasks understand they are more than just a divination tool for me – they inspire me to write new and better tasks each month. In addition, I spent time going over what worked and didn’t last year, and conjuring some new torments for you to enjoy. Or not. You will do them all the same of course, because that is your role in this little game of ours. I wind you up and you perform, like a little wind-up monkey. And if you don’t perform well – then even a wind up monkey can be spanked. The only pity is many of you enjoy it far too much.

I also took time to go through my wardrobe. Some things fit, others have lost their luster – as with certain behaviors and working relationships. Perhaps it’s growing up in England – that sense of thrift and a desire not to be wasteful. I don’t like endings – if bridges burn, the matches generally are not in my hands.

So if things come to a close, I like to make it a point to remember the best of them, rather than the worst. I encourage those I work with to do the same. Sometimes our contract ends – I have to let a submissive go, or they (after petitioning and placating me) are permitted to leave of their own accord. It’s sad – perhaps more tragic for them than I – but what can one do? We grow, we change. What worked yesterday may not work today.

Personally, I don’t like the idea of New Year’s resolutions as being prohibitive – this always tends to tip the see-saw in the wrong direction eventually. Unless you are resolved to be more obedient and pleasing to Mistress – then, I approve. In all other matters – I believe that a little of what you fancy does you good – though under my heel, you’ll need permission first, which I may or may not give. Either way, you’ll be content with the structure and boundaries I give you because I am saving you from the very worst aspects of yourself. In return, you give yourself to me, utterly. It’s hardly a fair exchange, as you have little of satisfaction to give – except amusement.

I really am too good to you, aren’t I?

Your Mistress


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