Personalised Coaching With Katia

I’m pleased to announce I am now available for coaching sessions. I do these on Skype or Watsapp. These are voice sessions, not video.

Need a woman to talk to about crossdressing? I’m here for you!

Get Personalised Coaching With Katia.

These are simple coaching sessions to help you be comfortable with your crossdressing. So, if you’d like to chat about makeup techniques, where you might want to take your dressing, or how to choose the best size of clothes, you can do so in a safe and non-judgmental way.

You can call just once for a little guidance, or you can make this a regular part of your dressing cycle and chat whenever you choose.

We conduct all calls on a voice only basis. This is done for both technical and security reasons. We hope you understand.

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who is interested in crossdressing, or has already been dressing for a while.
  • Crossdressers who would like the opportunity to talk with a woman, learn more about crossdressing, or simply to share what they’ve been doing.
  • Crossdressers who are feeling awkward and need to discuss their situation.

With greater understanding you will find a greater joy in dressing.


Your 45 minute coaching session will cost US $75. Payment can be made below.  Your session will be conducted usually within 3 days of booking, at a time that is mutually agreed upon.

If you have specific times you’d like to arrange please email me at to suggest them or ask any questions about this service.

Get Personalised Coaching With Katia.

What do you do now?

Please follow these steps closely.

  1. Make your payment. Download the guidance sheet and read it. We want your coaching session to be a great experience for you, and going into it prepared will help us achieve this.
  2. Email me to set up the best time for you, stating your city, and country – we will convert the times zones.
  3. Make sure you include your Skype ID or the number associated with Watsapp.
  4. I will get back to you shortly with a timeslot and confirm the appointment. Expect it to be within 3 days.


I use both Skype and Watsapp as tools for communication. Both of these services are secure, with Watsapp being encrypted end to end. Your details are kept entirely confidential.

Please note: This is not a sex chat line. We are happy to support you, but these sessions are a form of coaching and an opportunity to discuss dressing with a woman well versed in the subject. Any conversations which progress into areas which are either offensive or distasteful will be ended immediately without refund.