The Covenant.

The journey to membership of The Covenant is rarely a simple one, but it’s always worth it. Only through ownership will you find your true self.

Your curiosity is a dangerous thing. You are entering my world now. To do so you will be required to commit to The Covenant Of Katia Thornwood.

The Covenant is both an agreement and an alliance. Those who commit to it are part of a brotherhood, and sisterhood, of trust and obedience.

Imagine yourself on your knees before me, as I stand close. Your face level with my waist, clad likely in a leather skirt beneath which I rarely wear anything. You can almost smell me, and you have only one desire.

In such a moment you belong to me. Your obedience is unquestioning. Your excitement forcing your heart to pound as you submit in ownership to she whom you worship.

Now imagine that intensity all the time. Every moment. As you get up in the morning, as you dress, or look at your wife or mother. Even as you go through the most mundane of workday tasks. And in the evening you practice some of the secret rituals that followers of The Covenent learn.

Only once you graduate throught he seminary of your practice will you attain membership of The Covenent. You may wish to learn more by joining my Free Program, but only when you become a Premium Member will you start your tortuous journey that will bring you to the fold. Only then, when you have passed through the trials and tasks of testing, will you become a member of The Covenant.