The Magician

I do so love the Magician tarot card – the power of creativity, channeled by the will, to manifest into the physical the concepts of the mind. A card of great creativity, inspiring vision and focus into stagnant situations. Also sometimes signifying sleight of hand and deceit. Not always such a bad thing. Just what Jennifer needed – in fact – given her dour expression on walking in. Pulling this card, I explained to her, meant that we were going to have a little magic wand time with Hitachi mark 2. She smiled when I said that, silly little thing.

Jennifer started with me last month. Initially, she came to me to widen her horizons sexually after a particularly acrimonious divorce. I think she picked me for my tough love – her friends had consoled her for months, but it wasn’t working. You know me, I’m hardly a shoulder to cry on (unless I have my finger on the button of the mechanical dildo and it’s your first rodeo). What I do have, however, is some experience in offsetting emotional turmoil with the skilled application of some pleasant sexual torment.

Even though Hitachi one died last year, I still like to use it. When a submissive is blindfolded, they can’t tell which Hitachi I’m using until it is switched on. I had secured the dead one to Jennifer with red rope.  Making her beg for its application. Her thighs shaking excitedly around the wand that would give her no magic; her pelvis undulating in apprehension of the sound of the redundant switch.

“And I suppose my little slut is wanting the wand on?”

“Yes Mistress… please…!”

She wiggled her round little bottom at me, her excitement showing through the transparent gusset of her white cotton panties.

“A little lukewarm, Jennifer! Why don’t you try again?”

“Mistress, I’m so horny… please. I haven’t touched myself all week like you asked. Please, I beg you… I’m your little slut… Mistress please…” she whimpered.

“Alright. Enough, enough. So you’re ready. Good. Mistress will be kind enough to switch it on for you now.”

I turned on the Hitachi mark 2 and it started to whirr. Jennifer leapt a little onto the soles of her feet at the sound, then writhed in frustration to not feel the sweet pleasure of the toy underneath her working its magic on her sopping, eager pussy.

“Mistress, it’s not working!” she whispered, trying to grind herself down onto the motionless head of dead Hitachi.

“Sure it is, you silly little thing.” I buzz the one I am holding against the top of her thigh and she shudders, her back curling under the restraint of the wood binding hands and head. “Oh! How remiss of me. Of course, I strapped the one to you that doesn’t work. How frustrating!”

I ran my wand around the top of her pubis, around her bottom and down the front of her thighs. For all of her contorting in her binds, I would not let it anywhere close to the part she screamed for me to touch – to pleasure. I gave her clit a glancing brush with it and she screamed in delight then frustration, her feet pounding the floor in the restraints like a caged bull.

“P…ple…ease… Mistress please…”

Anyone can say please. I had to make sure she really, truly wanted what would come next, because I was not entirely sure that she would like it.

She continued to beg. When her words didn’t sound like words anymore, but melting syllables of the edge, I replaced dead Hitatchi with Hitatchi mark 2, and gave her the relief she’d requested. Over and over and over again. Now would you believe she was complaining that she wanted me to stop!  And the language that came out of that lady then! I was almost shocked! But it looked like she was enjoying herself…

I suppose that is one thing that a magician, or performer of any kind must remember – one simply cannot please everyone all of the time. It’s alright, I don’t take these things personally. I made sure to please her for a very, very long time until she was absolutely sure of what she wanted…

Your Mistress,

Katia 🙂

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