The Making of a Mistress 11 – Justice

In the latest “Making of a Mistress” (11. Justice),  Katia returns home to Calvin, who confronts her after her wild night out at Valleri’s…

“And faced with this knowledge, I was caused to question my own intentions. I had known where this potentially might go, and yet had continued. Perhaps in one sense I might excuse myself by saying that this came from nowhere – all those weeks, she taught me art, just art, so I thought that was all there was. But there had been that shower when she had shaved me. That kiss. Those little moments and touches that were anything but innocent. The hints and the little looks.

I couldn’t lie and say I didn’t want it too. That while she sat so close to me while I was drawing, that I didn’t want to lean in and kiss her. But I had left the boundaries for her to define, whilst also waggling myself provocatively over them, and in doing so, I had cheated. No one had made me cheat, I had gone there all by myself. If only I could have been under her skirt for longer, perhaps hid out there for years. But as soon as that episode ended, as soon as I washed myself clean under the shower, as soon as I bade her and her party goodbye in the park, I was bashed headlong into a wave of dissonance about walking back into my previously defined life.

And it was about to get worse.”

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