The Making of a Mistress 13 – Death

In the latest “Making of a Mistress” (13. Death), Katia “enjoys” Christmas dinner with Valleri and a very distracted Johnathon. Valleri finds new ways to break the ice on an after dinner walk with Katia.

Valleri enfolded me in a long black fur jacket. It smelt of her. I wrapped myself up to the chin in it, surreptitiously sniffing for her as she got herself ready. Then I followed her out into a quiet night. A few inches of snow had settled. The streets were mostly silent. It was about eleven.

We left two pairs of footsteps behind us as we crunched together over virgin snow to the local park, where we’d met on the Solstice. With the slight saltiness of the snow on my tongue, I recalled her own salt-water in my mouth. And just the thought of it lurched my lust to life, despite my prior malaise and nervousness. As I walked with her to the lightning-struck tree, I felt my body prickle against the frisson of her energy and mine mixing. I could almost feel the curious tendrils of her own curiosity penetrating me, skin, sinew and bone.”

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