The Making of a Mistress 14 – Temperance

In the latest “Making of a Mistress” (14. Temperance), Katia begins her training under Valleri. The Dungeon is explored, Katia goes head to head with her insecurities and Valleri’s whip – and Johnathon may be convinced to play…

“Temperance. A balancing of variables in order to work towards a goal. Of course, in my case, with Valleri, I wasn’t entirely sure what I was working towards. For the first time in my life, I was doing something entirely irrational – even, perhaps irresponsible. My decisions these past few months were based entirely on feeling, rather than anything solid. But how these feelings called to me. How could I do anything but follow?

Mother didn’t approve of my breakup with Calvin, and let me know about it until I was forced to set her ringtone to silent and replace her picture on my phone with one of a six headed dragon. It seemed fitting. But I had to remember, I wasn’t entirely alone in this process. Valleri was guiding me, and even though I didn’t know quite where, it hardly seemed to matter. I trusted her, and my feelings for her, implicitly.

The rules to this new arrangement with Valleri were fairly straightforward. I would still work, and I would pay a portion of my earnings to the household for accommodation and food costs while I resided here. The rest, she told me, I could keep. Outside of work hours, I would perform domestic duties as assigned. I was also to be abstinent from both alcohol, and – oddly – self pleasure. The latter seemed a little unusual, but when one is facing impending homelessness, it pays not to be too choosy.

For the first few days after I moved in, the arrangement was almost too simple. A little cleaning here, Valleri seizing me once or twice for her pleasure there. It seemed like nothing had changed, that it had become better, because at least now, I was where I wanted to be. Of course, I still carried guilt about Calvin’s departure, and this would come to me at night, when I was alone and sober, with no alcohol to dilute the emotions with. But by day, I felt a renewed sense of purpose. A joyful curiosity for my new place under Valleri’s tutelage. An excitement…”


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