The Making of a Mistress 15. The Devil

In the latest “Making of a Mistress” (15. Temperance), Katia takes the reigns with Johnathon,  squashing his impudence. With Valleri’s trip away, the boundaries begin to blur between Katia and her charge.

On and on she went like this until at last she’d tire and lay back, instructing him to watch. He was bound, after all, and could go nowhere. Then she’d open her thighs and tap them – a signal for me to crawl over and attend to her. She mewed in pleasure as I did, though her increasing arousal seemed to awake even greater vitriol in her, which she then spat at Johnathon.

“Even your tongue isn’t any use to me.” she’d moan, locking eyes with him, then pulling my head deeper into her, until she was all of my senses, and my head sailed in waves of her pleasure. I allowed myself to be Valleri’s tool against Johnathon, though initially I felt guilty at being purposed thus. I sensed Johnathon’s humiliation, and couldn’t help but have an empathy for him, even though he’d never shown me any great affection. This empathy would from time to time distract me from my Mistress’ need, and from my own pleasure in serving her. Then, with a hard yank on the end of my ponytail, Valleri would bring me  back into the word of flesh rather than mind. When satisfied, she instructed me to kiss Johnathon on the lips, when my own were heavy with the scent of her. A peck wasn’t enough. I was required to kiss him fully. His lips felt strange against mine,the first time. Cool and rough with stubble, unlike the fleshy warmth of Valleri’s own. His breath was cool and moist, like the cavities below the earth. Under Valleri’s goading, I dove my tongue between his unresisting lips, eyes closed, feeling him taste her on me. Feeling my tongue vibrate on the sounds of his lustful exaltations.”

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