The Making of a Mistress 5. The Hierophant

The Hierophant, card 5 of the major arcana is the third in the triangle of relating that surrounds the Fool at his outset – and I mention the triangle because it is pertinent to my education, as you will see later. The nurturance of the Empress, the protection and structure of the Emperor is nothing without the third guiding framework of the Hierophant or Pope, who serves as the bridge to the Fool sharing what they have learned in a self-serving and passive way through the cards prior, to a more active way that focuses on one’s part in the greater whole.

Through the Hierophant, beliefs and expectations are sifted, usually through academic or spiritual means, but sometimes relational ones. The beliefs of Mother and Father, ones intrinsic values are weighed, then kept, discarded or finessed. Mother had served as the Empress reversed. Daddy as the Emperor, yet his passing had spawned my fear of hurting others through my inherent curiosity and fullness of nature. Calvin, my boyfriend at the time, had stepped in as an emperor of sorts. Kind, unconditionally accepting of the parts I at least dared show, with rules of his own for life that I mostly conceded to, yet some I resisted, as they were not me. But who I was exactly then, I wasn’t sure. Because in acting how I felt I should, I neglected some of the part I actually was, and those parts would not be silent.

So Valleri stepped into play, as, I would suppose, the Hierophant. She was, in a sense, to become my new religion too, though I did not know it yet…

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