The Making of a Mistress 7. The Chariot

The next installment of “The Making of a Mistress: part 8, 7. The Chariot” is up on Soundcloud now. In this chapter, Valleri’s artistic mentorship of Katia takes an unexpected turn…

Shadows fell from the arboreum of deciduous trees down the lane by my home in the early morning light. The last dramatic veils of Fall. Church bells peeled from somewhere over the hill, calling the faithful. I was not going there. Did that make me unfaithful? Not entirely. Not yet. But even then, before I had agreed to Valleri’s tutelage, I felt as though I was treading the peripheries of fidelity. I had, after all, for no good reason other than it followed neatly from the seam of the last lie on a Sunday, told Calvin I was going to church again. I would not have said anything, but he had asked and it had slipped out. Impressed at this new found devotion to spiritual matters, he had smiled and sent me out. I beleive the words I chose were “perhaps I will go to church”, so it was not entirely a lie. It was a soft lie, if there are such things, for after all, I may have gone to church that morning – it was on the way and goodness only knows I needed redemption from the hounding fascination that dogged me at every step. But at the street that turned onto the Church Lane, I hung a hard left and continued the journey to Valleri’s house.”

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